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Drew Buckmaster

Mahootle Creative

Creative concepts and design

+61 432 938 812


Drew journeyed from the green rolling hills of Eastern England, via the London metropolis to the great southern land that is Australia. He wants to live in a world filled with innovative design, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and a force field around his computer that repels cats and sticky-fingered children.


As a designer with more than 20 years experience, Drew has created compelling designs for a diverse range of clients including Cochlear, Baxter Healthcare, Thomson Reuters, CBA, ASIAL and Glenfiddich. An avid shutterbug, when Drew is not designing or creating beautiful title sequences, you can find him taking photographs in and around Sydney.


Designer, father, cinefile, photographer and virgo, Drew creates at the fulcrum of simplicity and beauty to make great work for living, breathing human beings. His opinions belong to nobody but himself.

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Mark Coates

Creative concepts, music for TV & film

+61 425 273 334

Originally from the Peak District, in the North of England, Mark has lived in the UK, Japan and now Australia. He studied music, piano, guitar and percussion, almost, before he could read and write. Later, he began composing and experimenting with music and sound using an old reel-to-reel tape recorder and Fostex 8 track. He was in a punk band, a folk duo, a rock duo, a songwriting duo and worked as a roadie. None of which led to fame or fortune!


Turning to design he gained a BA (Hons) degree from the University of Reading in the UK. He began applying his creativity to video, short film festivals and composing music for video and film. He now composers music for television, film and any other medium requiring music.


When not travelling with his family or watching English Premier League football, at 2am in the morning, Mark is in his studio composing. He is also an artist and loves chocolate, coffee, creativity, nature and very modern and very old buildings.


Mark is a Member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers.

Brought together by a shared sense of humour plus an interest in creativity and chocolate, Mark and Drew originally formed the Blend Factory as an alliance between their two studios – Mahootle Creative and Space and Sound Studios – in order to explore ways in which sound, music, moving images, static images, photography and art can be blended in creative and inspiring forms.

It is now much more. Their shared passion for film, TV, moving images and music has grown into a place to find creative title sequences and inspiring music for television, film, presentations, events, galleries and museums. With their shared interests and their wide skill base, Blend Factory can produce both the moving image and the music.

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